Our Services : Our Standing procedures to exterminate white ants, ants, cockroaches, rats/mice, wood borers, mosquitoes
Households, buildings, hospitals, offices, hotels, restaurants, warehouses are naturally invaded and demaged by insects such as termites, ants, wood borers etc...
Others, such as cockroaches, rats, fleas are dangerous to human beings and pets. Our Company has a through knowledge of the characteristic of these insects and animals : how it comes to dwell in the building, where it hides, how harmful it can be...
With longer experiences, our staffs know how to give a specialized treatment. The services will be regular to quarantee the decisively effective result.
Our Standing procedures to exterminate white ants, ants, cockroaches, rats/mice, wood borers, mosquitoes are as follow :
White ants/Wood borers
a. To inspect and treat termites that may be found in the premises under agreement.
b. To carry out a post-treatment inspection in all previously treated places within a fortnight.
c. To inspect all premises once per month for a period of 12 calendar months from date of agreement.
d. To maintain and treat any fresh outbreak of white ants that may be found in the said period of 12      calendar months without any extra charge.
e. Torender sub-soil treatment with special liquid chemicals around the premises once a year.
To keep an offer economically feasible, our inspection takes place once per month and each inspection is normally about 30 days apart. Please note that termites cancause demage within a very short time. Wemust, therefore, impress upon the urgent necessity to advise us if any fresh outbreaks are noticed in betweet our inspections. In this case please telephone our office as soon as termites themselves. They should therefore not be dissturbed. No other insecticides should be used as this would prejudice the success of our specialized treatment.
Ants, Cockroaches
Initial treatment consists of insecticidal misting or fogging and finally and finally spaying with liquid insecticide inside the above specified preemises. This initial treatment will be carried out once in the first month of the contract year.
Spot treatment and inspection consists of spraying with liquid insecticide monthly, where appropriate.
a. Laying bait and establisting baiting-statons at strategic pints where rodents are likely to run and each     station is carefully surveryed in order to be certain of adequate coverage
b. Post-treatment inspections will be carried out once a week for the first month. Their posttreatment     inspections include checking, positioning and replenishing of baiting-stations and removing dead rodents     where found.
c. The first month initial service is followed by fortnightly services to check and replenish baiting-stations.     Additional visits will be provided free of change in answer to your request to exterminate any fresh     infestation.




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