Welcome to Pattaya Sunny : Pest Control cockroaches, rats, fleas, white ants, wood borers
Households, buildings, hospitals, offices, hotels, restaurants, warehouses are naturally invaded and demaged by insects such as termites, ants, wood borers etc...
Others, such as cockroaches, rats, fleas are dangerous to human beings and pets. Our Company has a through knowledge of the characteristic of these insects and animals : how it comes to dwell in the building, where it hides, how harmful it can be...
With longer experiences, our staffs know how to give a specialized treatment. The services will be regular to quarantee the decisively effective result.
Our policy is to pay back ever single baht you, have paid for. Therefore, We equipped our company with staffs who have the following qualifications
1. Punctuality
2. Honesty
3. Efficiency
4. Safety





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